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Vedic Forecaste - Planets
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The zodiac in which earth and all the planets are imprisoned by gravitation and revolve around the sun is divided by 12 clusters of stars or signs of the zodiac.쯳pan>Vedic astrology recognises nine grahas. They are the Sun, the Moon, the Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. Of these the Sun is star, the Moon is a satellite of the Earth, Rahu and Ketu are mere mathematical points on the zodiac. While the remaining ones are planets.

The Sun ﷮s the zodiac sign Leo.쯳pan>It is the ruler of all the planets and believed to be the source of vitality.쯳pan>It signifies the soul's energy, confidence, consistency, power, self-growth and development, ego, father, and plays a key roles in career.쯳pan>The planets move around the Sun and are dependent on its energy for existence of life forms.쯳pan>Sun brings success, intellect, wisdom, fame and wealth and is the ruler of zodiac sign Leo.꼯span>Good placement of Sun can give rise to fame in the area, field, or even the whole world. The higher Sun is the Self or Soul, the lower is the expression of our false self or ego. The Sun is the only light in the chart, or in life. The other planets merely reflect the Sun's Light. It is the ONE that connects all things - the ocean of light that is our true nature. As such it illuminates the path of truth, giving the strength to sacrifice our smaller desires so that we may purify and reclaim our Self as the highest truth.

The Moon - ﳰan>Owns the zodiac sign of Cancer.쯳pan> The Moon represents the peace of mind, connection or neglect, other people, the public, mother, nurturing, individual's thoughts, feelings, expressions etc.쯳pan>The Moon also possesses dominance over the waters and liquids within our bodies. The Moon is responsible for growth, fertility and conception. The higher Moon reflects the joy and sharing that comes with having peace of mind, the lower Moon shows the neglect and withdrawal we experience when faced with losing that peace. The Moon is the Soul as it descends into matter, and it is our connection to this soul through sense mind and body.  It is where we are the most easily hurt and the most vulnerable. The Moon shows the quality of our nurturing and our capacity to nurture others. It shows the clarity

Mars - It owns the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio.쯳pan>Sun being the king of solar system, Mars is the commander. ﳰan>Mars signifies physical strength, focus, opinions, aggression, logic, discipline, recklessness, leadership abilities, friends and brothers. ﳰan>Mars is the spiritual warrior, stopping at nothing to know the truth so as to free the soul from bondage. But it can also be the combative and opinionated nature to which we can be reduced. Mars gives us the discipline and focus to improve and transform our life through right action based on our principles. When his principled energy is directed inward toward higher purposes, he brings the courage to face our internal weaknesses and improve our lives.

Mercury 鴠owns the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo.쯳pan>Mercury signifies speech and communication, skills, intellect, dexterity, equanimity, neutrality, curiosity, playfulness, and education.쯳pan> Both Jupiter and Mercury represent human intelligence, Mercury indicates an immature side of intelligence as compared to the more mature one of Jupiter. ﳰan>Mercury is discrimination, for either good or bad. Proper discrimination implies neutrality; such is the nature of Mercury. This neutrality can lead to a disconnected, ungrounded intellect or one prone to bad influences.  His nature is also to play, be curious and experiment, as it is through these activities that we hone our skills and through proper speech and clear communication that we are able to manifest something tangible from them. He governs the detail-oriented nature of the mind. Mercury shows if we will become ensnared in the details or organize them into a paradigm of truth, which leads to our freedom.  
Jupiter - Owns the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.༯span>Jupiter signifies knowledge, expansion, (children, education, spirituality) teachers and teaching, optimism, and plays a key role in marriages.쯳pan>Jupiter is the planet responsible for success, fortune and fame. The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter it is associated with expansion, growth and and opportunity. The position of Jupiter in ones' chart serves as an indicator of one's faith, confidence, buoyancy, higher mind, wisdom, optimism and generosity. A well placed Jupiter is associated with the spiritual, philosophical and intellectual realms.쯳pan> Jupiter is our capacity to do good, and to always wish to choose the good over the bad. He is where we expand in life and want to share God's grace. Through wealth, children and education we expand externally; through faith and valuing God's grace we expand internally. Jupiter rules all of these domains.

Venus - 쯳pan>Venus owns the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra.꼯span>Venus signifies pleasure, love, sex, happiness, sensual desire, service, devotion, courtesy, manners, vitality, respect, improvement, and spouse.쯳pan>Venus governs beauty, wealth, romance, passion, music. Venus is about pleasure- love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions. ﳰan>Much of our human life is learning to transmute our physical desires, from the animal (sensory pleasure) to the human (human love) to the God (Spiritual devotion). Venus is key to this transformation as she rules all three of these important qualities of life. ﳰan>Venus is the planet that gives us happiness, but maturity with Venus is learning to find happiness in the things that replenish our energy, not drain it. The main issue with Venus is how high of a price we are willing to pay for our happiness. Part of this discipline is learning to think of the needs of others, thus the first lesson of Venus is to respect and value others needs as much as our own. A strong Venus will not pay too high of a price for happiness and thus not leave our selves and others feeling devalued through the selfish pursuit of our desires. From this point of selflessness a deeper devotion to God emerges. 

Saturn - ﳰan>It rules the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.쯳pan>Saturn signifies ambition, fear, responsibility, the perseverance and capacity for hard work, stress, isolation, old people, sickness, misery, obstacles, delays, and separation.쯳pan>The planet gives huge importance to discipline and responsibility.쯳pan> It is through Saturn that we come to experience ourselves as a separate being and make peace with our limitations or not, the ultimate limitation being death itself. ﳰan>Anxiety, fear, sorrow, insecurity, loss and life's painful lessons are all ways Saturn teaches us to give up attachment to form and not take things so personally. ﳰan>However, at some point something much bigger than what we can control will force us to our knees, like the death of a loved one, a chronic illness or an excessive amount of responsibility that was our distraction. These crises force our pain into the open where we must face them. ﳰan>The greatness of Saturn is that he teaches us sensitivity to others and a respect for all; for once we have suffered we become sensitive to all who suffer. Once his ability for control is properly aligned with dharmic purposes, Saturn gives the perseverance and concentration to put into practice what we have learned, not just acknowledge it mentally. He allows us to be alone to work through our salvation, which is the only possibility. 
Rahu - Rahu, the north node of the moon, shows the main forces of desire that have compelled us to take a body in this lifetime. ﳰan>Actually an imaginary planet, it does not rule any zodiac sign.튼/span>Rahu is believed to represent the head of the dragon. Rahu represents material desire, but because he is not a physical planet he operates on the subconscious level. He distorts our perceptions and colors the world according to his desires. He tends to obliterate the essence of things, focusing on their material substance. He is our deepest subconscious material desire. Rahu obsesses over the things we need to learn so we can eventually be freed of them. There are certain lessons we can only learn in a physical body, in the physical world, and Rahu's obsessions indicate those things. ﳰan>Rahu will tend to feel like Saturn in that both of these planets bring stress and fear. The stresses of Saturn are based on the tangible known things in the universe that can go wrong, the health, the income, etc.; Rahu feels stress and worry about the many unknown, undeveloped qualities of our mind and experience. ﳰan>Yet Rahu can be very spiritual when powerful and aligned with dharmic planets.

Ketu - Ketu, the south node of the moon, is the other half of the demon, the headless body. ﳰan>It is believed to represent the tail of demon. Ketu also does not rule any zodiac sign since it is not a real planet.쯳pan>Ketu stands for dissatisfaction, detachment, solitude, intense scrutiny, liberation, moksha, and spirituality. Where Rahu obsesses over the things of this world, Ketu seeks to be freed from them. Rahu is material and loses the essence of things in their substance. Ketu perceives the essence of things but is unsatisfied with anything substantive in the world. ﳰan>Ketu brings doubt and a sharp criticism to the areas of life that he sees, resulting in us looking ever higher to find the truthful answers to them. ﳰan>


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